I like my fall/winter face cream like I like my ledger — RICH! Furthermore, Sulwhasoo Concentrated Renewing Cream is only that. Planned with an inventive mix of Korean Red Ginseng and retinol, this skin-embracing hydrator addresses multiple visible signs of untimely maturing while at the same time recharging skin’s dampness.

Frequently with retinol-based creams or “treatment” creams, I find that we penance dampness for the “treatment”. Along these lines, possibly your fine lines look softened, yet your general skin doesn’t show up as full or dewy or solid looking.

In any case, this is where Sulwhasoo Concentrated Renewing Cream over-conveys. The Korean Red Ginseng and retinol pair perfectly, to deliver firmer-looking, more glowy, more fun, all the more even conditioned skin. I’ve been a Sulwhasoo Super Fan for like 10 years, so the truth will eventually come out. My skin reacts so well.


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